citsci-discussion-l Invitation 6/3 – An Insiders View on the Citizens Assembly on Climate in France

Can a citizens’ convention change the world?
The answer is yes! The Citizens’ Convention for Climate in France proved it.

This morning on June 29, French President Emmanuel Macron announced strong measures in response to the Citizens’ Convention for Climate. He announced that he was accepting all the proposals handed to him by the panel of randomly selected citizens “with the exception of three of them” which are recommended for a referendum. He vowed to place ecology at the heart of the countries’ production system as well as to invest €15 billion dedicated to ecological transformation. By doing so, he acknowledges the legitimacy of deliberative participation and encourages its implementation into French law.

As co-organizers of this unique experience, Missions Publiques invites you to attend a webinar to gain fresh and direct insight into the Citizens’ Convention.

Yves Mathieu, and Judith Ferrando, as Co-Directors of Missions Publiques, both deeply involved in the Convention, will provide you with key learnings of the assembly from its launch in 2019 to their invitation to the Elysée Palace. They will describe, explain, and illustrate how this far-reaching process will change society in depth.

You will learn how citizens worked together to formulate proposals, what the outcomes are and why this experience could serve as a democratic reference abroad. This will be exclusive insight into France’s first successful national citizens’ assembly for climate.

To know how we make democracy happen, join us on Thursday, July 2, 3-4:30 PM US ET


You will hear from:

  • Yves Mathieu (Co-Director and Co-Founder)
  • Judith Ferrando (Co-Director)

If you wish to read the final propositions of the Citizens’ Convention on Climate, please read here at Democracy International:

Book your spot now by registering online!

Missions Publiques team:

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